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  • Solid optical clean adhesive

    SCA is a new generation of lamination material independently developed and produced by Gaoren . It has excellent rework, filling and easy lamination performance. The advantages of high yield and good explosion-proof safety performance has become the third revolution of optical adhesive.

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    Solid optical clean adhesive
  • Functional optical adhesive

    Gaoren New Materials has been committed to the research and development of functional optical adhesives. It has the internationally leading research and development technology of functional optical adhesives. It has successively introduced anti-ultraviolet,? a series of products such as anti-infrared, fireproof, and anti-blue have been widely used in special fields such as outdoor, aviation, military industry, and education.?

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    Functional optical adhesive
  • Fully lamination optical adhesive

    Optical adhesive for fully laminating is one of the latest research and development achievements of Gaoren . It combines the material properties of SCA optical adhesive series products, especially its Softness, flexibility, and filling ability. It has excellent performance in filling and curing shrinkage. It is especially suitable for full lamination in display fields such as naked-eye 3D and LCM.

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    Fully lamination optical adhesive

About us

Gaoren has been focusing on optical adhesive for 15 years, and its "SCA optical adhesive" has been recognized as a high-tech product.
Gaoren is located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It is a national high-tech enterprise with high grade optical material R&D and production technology. The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a 100 class workshop of 2,000 square meters and a 1000 class workshop of 3,000 square meters. 
The company has passed ISO9001:2005; IATF16949; RoSH; halogen and REACH certification.    

At present, there are more than 100 employees and 11 R&D personnel. Our company has always been focusing on product independent research and development and innovation. Every year 10% of the turnover is invested in the research and development of new products. 

Gaoren has always been adhering to the business philosophy of providing customers with core competitiveness products, and has the internationally leading functional optical glue research and development technology, and has been recognized and adopted by many high quality customers.

  • 1.5Billion

    Annual turnover
  • 12,000

  • 3,000

    1000 class workshop
  • 2,000

    100 class workshop
  • 60thousand

    annual production capacity.
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